Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Puppy & Kitty Cup Cakes

Puppy & Kitty Birthday Cup Cakes Kids & Parents go CRAZY over !!!

Step 1~ Bake cupcakes & mini cupcakes according to the package of cake mix. Let cool & set aside to decorate. note <1 lg & 1 sm cupcake for each puppy or kitty>
Step 2~ Make Icing <recipe below> & separate into small bowls. Add food coloring to the desire of your preference, and mix well. Then place in pastry bag & use your decorating tips < I used wilton tips #'s 5,12, 21 & 2010 >
Step 3~ Now this is the FUN part !!! Decorating & assembing your puppy & kitty cupcakes. First decide what look your going for each cupcake. I used tips # 21 & 2010 to decorate & icing the large and small cupcakes..trying to make it look like a furry puppy or kitty, lol.. * Next use the small cupcakes to make  your animals faces. I used tip # 12 to make the nose and ears. Then I used # 5 to make the eyes, tongue and insides of ears. 
Step 4~ Take your small cupcake, and place it in the center of the large cupcake on it's side. making sure it's face is in the right position . If you decide to make the poodle, this is a good time to add the marshmallows.
Butter Cream Icing Recipe
*1 stick of butter, softened
*1 c of shortening
*1 tsp vanilla
*4 c of powdered10x sugar
* Cream together the butter & shortening with your mixer. Next add your vanilla & then slowly add 1c of sugar at a time, until blended well. Stopping and scraping the sides of your mixing bowl as needed, to make sure the icing is smooth & creamy.
Decorating Tips ~ I love to get creative when decorating my baked goods.. I try to use all different kinds of candies or cookies some of these would include, m&m's, choc chips, gum drops, life savers, red hots, licorice, pretzels, marshmallows, crushed candy bars, gummy bears, fresh berries, nuts ect.. the ideas are endless, the most important part is just having FUN !! 
<side note: Anytime I need black icing, I always buy wilton's tube of black icing.. its just easier and cheaper for only $3. other wise I would end up using my whole jar of black food color..plus time and supplies, it just makes sense.>

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