Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Super Easy Home Made Yogurt

Super Easy Home Made Yogurt, made in the Oven

*6 c milk, boiled for a minute then, cooled to 90-100*

*3 tbsp yogurt culture starter <I use cabot plain yogurt >

* large glass bowl or 6-8 1/2-1 pint canning jars

* In a medium sauce pan boil milk, then cool to 90-100*

* while the milk is cooling preheat your oven & glass bowl/jars on 200* for 15 minutes then TURN OFF the heat and keep the door closed to keep the heat inside. please be sure your heat is turned off or it will kill your culture.

* when the milk has cooled whisk in 3 tbsp on yogurt culture starter until well blended. Then pour into the warm bowl/jars and place in the oven with the door closed , heat turned OFF !!
<I use a baking pan to place my glass jars on for easier transferring> allow to rest in the oven for 4-24 hours until your yogurt has set up and gotten more solid. refrigerate for 8 hours before serving.

* also be sure to save some of your plain yogurt to use as the culture for your next batch.

* on a side note: I learned how to make yogurt from a Lebanese friend when I lived in Belize. at that time I had to use powdered milk and water to make the milk I used to make my yogurt. I definitely think powdered milk makes a thicker yogurt, and I often thick of buying another can to use for my yogurt batches. however I would really rather perfect my non dairy yogurt with coconut, rice & almond milk... Pin It

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  1. Well I am such a wimp, I will have to get down there and try yours before I spend the time and money to do it. I am a big fan of some yogurt and yet not others. It looks very simple and I would have to have you in person to teach me how to do different things with it.

    I had to do videos for my Public Speaking class and got a little comfortable with it. You do a great job in front of the camera. Keep up the great work!!!