Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Moroccan Body Scrub

                                Moroccan Body Scrub

            The most amazing smelling body scrub EVER !!

I created this lil beauty last night...before spray tanning, I needed to exfoliate and found myself without a body scrub..Ok, no big deal I can just mix one up real quick. The only thing is I just cleaned my shower and don't feel like getting it all messy with some kind of oily body scrub. So I got to thinking.. I use conditioner to shave with & it leaves my skin so smooth & moisturized, plus it doesn't make mess in the shower.. Hmm.. 
 So I mixed some of my moroccanoil conditioner with 1c of brown sugar, and Waa Laa.. you have the most delicious smelling body scrub EVER, it smells so good I want to eat with by the spoonful !!! <haha ya don't really do that > I will never buy body scrub again !  This scrub not only smells amazing but it  makes your skin look & feel great, super smooth and moisturized !!

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