Things I've made from Pinterest !!

                                  Great Ideas Inspired by Pinterest

There's something so addictive about Pinterest !! I can sit there for hours... just scrolling along, pinning away. It's so visually stimulating with all the pretty pictures. Next thing I know, I've lost track of time and it's an hour later. I love how random it is, It completely feeds into my add. I am fascinated by how creative people are & how they come up with their ideas. I use to spend a lot more time on facebook. But once I found Pinterest I was completely addicted, In a good way of course :)

Here are a few of the ideas that I was inspired enough to make. I often change up an idea to customize for our own personal preference. Feel free to do the same ~  ok here goes..

                              The Famous Zipper Bracelet !!
       This has been repinned countless times.. LOVE this Idea !!

Easy enough, you can make it in no time.. You can find all your supplies at your local craft store.  Supplies include a 6 inch zipper, jewelry hooks & fastenings, super glue and a lighter. Every time I wear it I get TONS of compliments and people ask me where I got it. Their always shocked when I say I made it myself :))

Talk about something getting repinned alot ?? This Pin is super popular & every one LOVES it !!   I laugh when people ask me how I got the candle inside the bottle. 

                                      Cut Glass Wine Bottles

                                         LOVED this idea~

                     Did this when I was on vacation at New Years !!
                         Took a few tries to catch the right shot..

                                    Plant your own Ginger Plant
             Love to cook with Ginger, Excited to be growing my own !

                               All those Organizing Ideas got Me 
                                motivated to started Organizing.
                            Wrapping Paper, Bows,Tissue Paper,
                             Gift Bags, Scissors, Ribbon &Tape

                 Avocado Tomato Pesto Grilled Cheese Sandwich
                                    Delish!! Another Popular Pin on Pinterest
                          I changed it a lil by adding the pesto !!!

                       LOVE Anything Baked in a Cup Cake Pan
                     Mini Apple Pie ~ So Good it's Ridiculous !!
                              Definitely making those again.

I confess, at Christmas I went a little crazy with Pinterest...
I couldn't help myself they had so many amazing things I could barely get anything else done, except for baking & crafting pins from pinterest !!

At Christmas time I saw a pin on Pinterest that I really loved. It was a picture of a cute couple with christmas lights wrapped around them.  So I took a picture of my girls in front of the christmas tree tangled in lights. LOVE it !! Might even use that idea for a family Christmas cards next year.

                       My Daughter Emily made me this for Christmas !!

                                 To Save for Vacations in Mexico

                            Beer Deer Everyone's Party Favorite 

                             Super Easy Super Fun to make !!!

  All you need is a 6 pack bottle neck beer, glue gun, wiggly eyes, small pom poms for the nose and brown pipe cleaners for the antlers... and wah laa  !!!   I made these and took them to a couple of Christmas parties HUGE hit !!

                               Reindeer Peanut Butter Cookies

  Yep Made these too, took them to Christmas parties also.  Really Fun & Super Easy to make !!! Everyone LOVED them !!

ok, ok I got a lil carried away at the holidays, lol.. here are a few more things I was inspired to make...

                                Snow Men Oreo Cookie Pops 

Now these are one of my Favorites !! They we're a lil more effort to make but definitely worth all the effort !!  I made these & shared them with family & friends. And gave them out with my Christmas Cookies as gifts to teachers, co workers & friends. I don't know who loved them more, me or them ??

                     Christmas Ornaments Crafts for the Kids !!

One of my favorite Christmas crafts we made this year, was this cupcake ornament !!  All you need is Shatter Proof Christmas Bulbs, Cupcake Papers, Glue, Puffy tshirt Paint, Holly Berries, Glitter, Small Jewelry Beads to resemble sprinkles.  This was a really Fun craft for my girls to make with their friends.

 One of my All time favorite Christmas Ornaments to make with the kids is anything with their hand print..  I love the idea because kids grow so fast, and it's really fun every year when we decorate the tree to look back and see how much they've grown. I've been making these for years, long before Pinterest, but worth sharing :)

                                       GREAT Keep Sake

  I made these ornaments this Year for my neice Scarlett. They      
  are so cute with a baby's hand or foot print. Great keepsake for 
  the family!! These are a lil tricky to make with lil ones. The best 
  thing about this craft is.. if you mess up, you can wipe it off &  
  start over .  All we did was put a lil glue on her hand & foot with 
  a napkin and print it on the christmas bulb. <that was the tricky 
  part, especially the hand> Then once you get the print that you 
  want to use, you sprinkle glitter over the glue & let it dry.

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